If you're looking for originality in a live show, both of these bands are essential in the annals of rock and metal history. They've both crafted the perfect stage shows for their respective musical styles, but who will walk away victorious in this Round 2 battle?

Tool's stage setup is a living, breathing extension of the band's music. Highly conceptualized, psychedelic imagery delivered through special screens literally grow in size as Tool continues throughout a set. It might as well be an entity of its own. Tool defeated Nine Inch Nails to make it to Round 2, but will they advance again?

Motley Crue's live show can be described as "over the top," but that still doesn't do it justice. Along with an elaborate stage setup, Tommy Lee's many stunts such as the drum coaster and the ridiculous "Cruecifly" have completely reinvented the possibilities of what can be accomplished at a rock show. It's a shame Crue are saying goodbye to the road, but they're going out with a bang. After a win against Guns N' Roses, Crue move on to challenge Tool.

So which band will advance in this Best Live Band competition -- Tool or Motley Crue? You can vote once per hour through the deadline of Tuesday, July 21, at 10AM ET. So make your choice in the poll below and come back as often as you'd like to make sure your favorite live act advances.

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