Loudwire Radio continues to pound on ear drums as we bring you the Top 20 songs that will air on this weekend’s show. Hard rockers all over the states, from coast to coast, can tune in on both your radio and online each and every weekend to enjoy a fix of rock. Check out the songs that will occupy your stereo this weekend.

Shinedown just won't give up their spot on top of the mountain, as they once again come in at No. 1. Other bands to take a high spot on this week's Top 20 include Seether, Foxy Shazam, Slash, Theory of a Deadman and more.

Loudwire Radio Top 20 Songs:

20. Adelitas Way, ‘Criticize’
19. Anthrax, ‘I’m Alive’
18. Volbeat, 'Still Counting'
17. My Darkest Days, ‘Casual Sex’
16. Mastodon, ‘Dry Bone Valley’
15. Hurt, ‘How We End Up Alone’
14. New Medicine, ‘Race You To The Bottom’
13. Charm City Devils, 'Man of Constant Sorrow' (Loudwire Radio Poll Winner)
12. Red Hot Chili Peppers, ‘Look Around’
11. Slash, ‘You’re a Lie’
10. Halestorm, ‘Love Bites (So Do I)’
9. Black Stone Cherry, ‘In My Blood’
8. Pop Evil, ‘Boss’s Daughter’
7. Nickelback, ‘This Means War’
6. Theory Of A Deadman, ‘Hurricane’
5. Foxy Shazam, ‘I Like It’
4. Redlight King, ‘Bullet In My Hand’
3. Five Finger Death Punch, ‘Remember Everything’
2. Seether, ‘No Resolution’
1. Shinedown, ‘Bully’