With the summer concert season in full swing, it got us pumped thinking about how great it is see bands play live. But which band should hold the title as the "Best Live Band"?

We're putting that decision in your hands. We've chosen 32 of the best hard rock and metal bands known for putting on killer live shows and we're going to let you vote your choices until there is one amazing live band left standing.

We've broken it down into four regions with a mix of iconic veteran acts who have shown their prowess and laid the blueprint for how rock shows should go down and modern day top draws that are adding some new pages to the concert playbook.

So without further adieu, click on the red button below to see the first head-to-head matchup, and keep clicking the red buttons to see all 16 first-round battles. And remember, you can vote once per hour through the conclusion of the first round on Tuesday, July 14 at 10AM ET. So click the button and let the battle for the Best Live Band begin.