We're down to the final four of the Best Live Band tournament and you just can't go wrong with any of the acts that have made it this far. They're all great live bands.

Emerging from the Devil Horn region, you've got metal mavens Iron Maiden, who are known for their crushing and theatric live shows. They'll meet up with Pearl Jam, the Mosh Pit region winners, who deliver some of rock's most epic performances. Tool took the Stage Dive region, serving as one of the tightest live bands going. And you've got X Japan, who've now conquered the world with their amazing live shows, emerging from the Headbanger Region.

That's a formidable foursome, but which two acts will emerge from these semifinal battles and face off in the championship round? That's up to you. You can cast your votes once per hour through the deadline of Tuesday, Aug. 4 at 10AM ET. So without further adieu, click the red button below and start making those votes count.