For some, Black Tide have changed drastically in between the release of their 2008 debut 'Light From Above' and the recently issued 'Post Mortem.' The band burst onto the scene with raucous, glammy influences like Motley Crue stuffed into the back pocket of their skintight jeans. But they weren't throwbacky; they breathed new life into that time-honored sound. However, the new album isn't quite so, well, influenced!

Drummer Steven Spence directly addressed those sentiments about what feels and sounds like a sonic shift in a recent video chat with Rock My Monkey. Spence responded to a question about sounding more modern and less old school in one fell swoop, and it all made sense. He pointed out, "People need to take into account that it might seem like a drastic change, but some of the songs [singer] Gabriel [Garcia] wrote on the first record, he was 10-years-old. "

Wait, wait, wait. Back up a sec. Garcia wrote songs when he was 10? You betcha. Spence continued, "Now he's 18. So the change has been over eight years, and any band together for over eight years is going to change." That's certainly true, and Spence chalked the evolution of Black Tide's sound up to "natural progression."

Spence also spoke the general consensus on skins smashers in rock bands. His personal approach is to infuse the live show with a hefty dose of energy!

Watch Black Tide's Rock My Monkey Interview