On July 24, 1990, Pantera released 'Cowboys From Hell,' a landmark album for both the band and the metal world.

Helping the disc achieve that success was a trio of singles -- 'Cowboys From Hell,' 'Cemetery Gates' and 'Psycho Holiday.' And the album also had several other beloved songs such as 'Domination,' the album opening title track and 'Heresy.'

The amazing shredding of Dimebag Darrell, the killer low end of bassist Rex Brown and drummer Vinnie Paul and of course the powerhouse vocals of Philip Anselmo all came together like a perfect storm on 'Cowboys from Hell,' making it one of the most admired and respected albums in metal history.

But which song off of the album is your favorite. This is not an easy selection to make. Take a look at the full track listing below and vote for which song off of Pantera's classic 'Cowboys From Hell' disc is your favorite in the poll provided.