Drummer Mike Portnoy has offered his latest thoughts about the possibility of him rejoining his longtime band Dream Theater, and he feels that the chances are slim to none.

In the latest issue of U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine, Tesseract’s Jay Postones asks Portnoy what the changes are of him ever playing with Dream Theater again. Portnoy says, “If I was a betting man, I wouldn’t put money on it. And that’s not my doing. I never say never and haven’t closed any doors.”

He continued, “I’m a very nostalgic person; I forgive and forge very easily… but I think the guys [in Dream Theater] have made it very clear they have no interest in looking backwards. I guess the ball's in their court. We shall see.”

Portnoy quit Dream Theater in September of 2010 while on tour with Avenged Sevenfold, citing he needed a break from the long-running group. He was replaced by Mike Mangini, who was known for his work with Annihilator, Extreme, Steve Vai and James Labrie's solo work. The band publicly announced their new member via a 2011 web-based reality show called ‘The Spirit Carries On,’ in which several drummers auditioned to be a part of the progressive metal outfit.

Back in October of 2013, Dream Theater frontman James Labrie told Brazil’s Wikimetal about the band’s relationship, or lack-there-of, with Portnoy. “I haven’t spoken to Mike since he left the band. Myself, personally, and the way the band feels is we’re moving forward. Mike Mangini is our drummer and he will remain our drummer until the day that we’re finished doing this. It’s just the way it is.”

Labrie added, “The reason that Dream Theater is moving on is because we have somebody that completely clicks with the band, he understands the band and he’s helping us fulfill our musical aspirations.”

Portnoy was open to returning the band in the past. Back in 2013 he said he would return in a “heartbeat.” Adding, ‘They are the ones that have closed the door on it. I only needed a break, and I’ve had that break. So I’m ready, willing and able. But I honestly don’t think they ever will; they’ve closed the door on it and I think they’re too headstrong in having to prove themselves without me. So I wouldn’t count on it. But my door is always open.”

Dream Theater was co-founded by Portnoy, bassist John Myung and guitarist John Petrucci more than 27 years ago. The band has released two studio albums with Mike Mangini behind the drums, including ‘A Dramatic Turn of Events,’ and their 2013 self-titled effort.

The band recently announced they will release a two-disc DVD and Blu-Ray set titled ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall (Live From the Boston Opera House)' on Sept. 30. The special performance features the bands complete two-hour-plus concert filmed at the historic venue back on March 25, 2014. It also includes a guest appearance from The Berklee College of Music Orchestra and Choir.

Dream Theater will carry on with a South American tour kicking off in Santiago, Chile on Sept. 24. To see the rest of the band’s tour dates, click here.

Portnoy, meanwhile, recently premiered the new song mask machine with his band Flying Colors. He also is a member of the Winery Dogs.