The inaugural Loudwire Music Festival is coming up later this week, and while you may be familiar with some of the big name acts like headliners Rob Zombie, Linkin Park and Weezer, the music weekend is also full of up and coming acts that deserve your attention as well. One of those acts, The Chimpz, are making the final preparations before they head east from their native California. And they have an incentive where you can help send them on their way.

The group has been auctioning off one of drummer Sean Topham's drum head signed by all the members of the band and they'll use the money raised for gas as they load up the Chimpz RV and head to Grand Junction, Colo. for the Loudwire Music Festival. Topham says the drum head comes from one of his favorite snares, and it's currently reaching the final days of bidding on eBay. The deadline to get your bid in is Tuesday (June 23) at 11:59AM PT. Check out the eBay auction right here.

The Chimpz debuted their lyric video for "California" exclusively last year with Loudwire. And when the official video arrived in the Loudwire Battle Royale Video Countdown in December, the clip remained in the Top 10 and peaked at No. 2 before being retired due to longevity. The song is featured on their self-titled EP, which is currently available at both Amazon and iTunes.

Once the band auctions off Topham's signed drum head, they'll fill up their awesome Chimpz RV and start making their way to Grand Junction. Check out the seriously styling ride in the recently posted Facebook photos below:

Getting The Chimpz RV ready to head to Loudwire this week with the help of Mario at Autozone in North Hollywood (and wearing Pickbay) #thechimpz #autozone #loudwirefestival #pickbay

Posted by Susie Cakl on Sunday, June 21, 2015

Be sure to check out The Chimpz, playing two sets at the Loudwire Music Festival. They play second on the Main Stage at 2PM on Saturday (June 27), followed by a 6:10PM performance on the B Stage later in the evening. See the full Loudwire Music Festival lineup and ticketing information here.