You need a hard rock and metal playlist for the weekend, and we've got you covered! Every Friday, we will curate a new playlist inspired by the last few days (and maybe the next few weeks). We're including new music that we've heard and loved, some recent releases we can't get out of our heads, songs from bands who made the news in the past seven days, and some classics from anniversaries that we've celebrated. Here's some of the highlights of the latest Weekly Wire:

Jonathan Davis has been trying to release a solo record for some time and 2018 is finally the year. Black Labyrinth has officially arrived and with a bevy of songs to choose from, we're going back to the first one the Korn singer released to lead off this week's playlist: "What It Is."

Today (May 25) also the marks the release date for new albums from Graveyard, Candlemass, Lordi, Witch Mountain and Thunderpussy and all bands have been represented in Weekly Wire with prime cuts from each record.

As we look forward, some of the most anticipated albums on the horizon are coming from GhostNine Inch Nails, Zeal & Ardor, Alice in Chains, Gruesome and others. We haven't lost sight of some of this year's best that have already made their mark and you can hear standouts off new records from Judas Priest, Breaking Benjamin, Andrew W.K., At the Gates and more.

This week also marked the 35th anniversary of Dio's classic Holy Diver, while Killswitch Engage's revolutionary Alive or Just Breathing turned 16, Slipknot's Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses turned 14, Anthrax's debut album with John Bush, The Sound of White Noise, celebrated its 25th anniversary. and Death's gamechanging Scream Bloody Gore turned a rotten 31 years old. We also remembered late Slipknot bassist Paul Gray, who passed away eight years ago.

Get your fill of some new rock and metal tunes with a hint of nostalgia in the Weekly Wire playlist below.