Within Reason continue to see their star rise, as their latest single "Here Comes the Light" has rocked radio while the video has remained a mainstay on Loudwire's Battle Royale Video Countdown. The upstart rockers have been touring with Seether and Saint Asonia and have separate runs with Pop Evil and Hinder on the horizon.

Loudwire had a chance to chat with the vocalist Chris Dow and bassist David Koonce about the success of "Here Comes the Light" and its corresponding video, as well as their busy tour schedule and an update on when the band expects to put together their next release. Check out the chat in full below:

First off, congrats on the success of "Here Comes the Light" on our Battle Royale Video Countdown. Very cool video and the closing shot with the eye opening definitely leaves an impression. I know David had a hand in producing the video. Can you talk about how the idea for the clip came about, having the input you did in the video and the response you've seen so far?

David Koonce: When writing the script for the video, I wanted to have a narrative that was easy to follow but also was interesting enough to keep the viewer engaged the whole time. I originally had an idea of following the girl in the video as she was struggling with a tough life experience. I was eating lunch one day at a sidewalk cafe outside the large building at the end of the video and I kept looking at that building like it was supposed to be a part of the project somehow. That is when we came up with the idea of the girl trying to save a friend from execution.

The story gives the viewer plenty of questions but not many answers. I was hoping the viewer would begin drawing their own conclusions about what was happening, and then begin to wonder how it would end. The idea of the closing shot with her eyes came in afterwards.

Just like our music with the way it sounds, we wanted the viewer to decide how the visuals in the video impacted them. We want you to think about the way it makes you feel. Hopefully that will let people decide how that story ends. The open ended narrative was written that way on purpose.

Getting into that song a little bit. I understand that this was one of the first songs that set the tone for the After the Crawl EP. Can you take me back to the incarnation of this song? What stood out about the track for you and how did it influence what else musically was to come from the band?

Chris Dow: We liked the hook on this one and the overall vibe seemed to be a fresh start for the record. We knew we wanted to add some electronic sounds to some of the record and differentiate a little from the sound on the first record Bloodshot Life. "Here Comes the Light" immediately felt like a track we could build around and go left or right of and still get the style and vibe we were hoping for. We really set out with the mindset to do something different than a straight rock record and we wanted to take some chances and just go with what we liked and felt was natural. "Here Comes the Light" came together so quick and just felt natural.

The band also struck paydirt with "Enemy," which also landed strong at Active Rock radio. Can you share a little bit on where that song came from and what stood out about the song?

Chris Dow: We all have enemies at some point in life. Just because someone sees you as their enemy doesn't mean you have to see them as yours. The guitar and music is high energy and felt like a good first song to introduce the band to new listeners with at rock radio.

Over the last few years, you've had a chance to build your audience opening for some name acts. You're currently playing dates with Seether and Saint Asonia. Anything you can share about what you've picked up from either act or what it's been like being part of these dates?

Chris Dow: I have always loved Seether. In fact, for years, before I ever met him, I have told people that when Kurt Cobain ‘passed’ God gave us Shaun Morgan. I have listened to Shaun Morgan and Adam Gontier for years and both of them have definitely had an influence on me as an artist and a writer. It's surreal to share the stage with people you have looked up to for years.

Our band has done everything independently with no label since Day 1, so landing a tour like this is very difficult. So many bands and labels nowadays, with political push and deep pockets, are buying their way on these tours. I think the coolest thing about all of this is when you get a real band like Seether, with numerous bands willing to buy on, instead, they don't mind paying a band they want on the tour because they think they deserve it and respect the grind. Now that's rock 'n' roll! We have been fortunate this year to have others like Godsmack, Buckcherry and 3 Doors Down show the same respect.

On the horizon, you've got shows with Pop Evil first and then Hinder in November. Your thoughts on both bands you'll be touring with in the coming months.

Chris Dow: Pop Evil was the first national act to take us out on tour several years ago. We are great friends with them and always love touring with them because it feels like family. They just got their fourth No. 1 song. Proud of those dudes! I just read that the Hinder tour has some other cool bands joining the bill with us on certain cities. It’s going to be over a month long and we are really looking forward to it. Although I will say we are going to have to learn to drive in the snow a little better. That's one thing people from the South just haven't had to deal with. I am not a fan of cold weather.

In terms of the live set, which songs are really standing out for you as favorites to play at the moment. I realize it may change daily, but what's connecting for you right now?

Chris Dow: "Here Comes the Light" is one of my favorites at the moment. We feed off the crowd as much as they feed off the band. It's really about what songs generate the best reaction from the crowd and the ones that are most fun to play/perform. We normally play one cover at each show and always prefer to play ones we never hear other bands cover. These seem to be the most fun some nights because it is something different for us.

As musicians, tell me what the feeling is like making that connection with the audience in a live setting.

Chris Dow: It's like sky diving with Hawaiian Tropic chicks! Naked! It's pretty kick ass. I am normally pretty anxious the final hour leading up to the show and then when you hear the roar of the crowd the adrenaline and emotion is unreal. When you cross all these emotions while doing what you love the most its very intense. Hearing a crowd sing your song back to you in different cities will never get old.

With the band out on the road, any special plans for Halloween?

Chris Dow: We actually only have about 2 weeks off touring for the rest of 2015 and will be home for Halloween. Our drummer Griffin is super festive during all holidays so I'm guessing he might have some people over. Seriously, he has probably got skulls and caskets and s--t all over the place.

I understand that you're working on music for a new release. Can you give us an update on the progress of your next disc? What can people expect from the sound of what you're working on at present?

Chris Dow: Looks like we may record with Johnny K in Chicago. We are really excited about the new music and hope to begin recording before first of the year. Our music and writing evolves from record to record. My writing is really diverse, and I never really know what is going to come out. I'm really excited to let the fans hear some of the new stuff. We hope to have the new single from the record at rock radio by February 2016.

Anything on the horizon you'd like to promote or final thoughts you'd like to share?

Chris Dow: First, thanks to all of our fans for the continual support and for voting "Here Comes the Light" in top 10 in the Battle Royale for 10 weeks straight. That's killer! Our new record is looking like it will be a Spring 2016 release and we will be touring constantly. Keep telling your radio stations and venues you want to see us come to town and we will be there much faster.

Our thanks to Within Reason's Chris Dow and David Koonce for the chat. Keep up with the band's touring at this location. And you can pick up Within Reason's After the Fall EP and Bloodshot Life album via iTunes. Keep up with the band on their Facebook and Twitter accounts and take a look at their "Here Comes the Light" video below.

Watch Within Reason's "Here Comes the Light" Video