What does the Battle Royale look like with Alter Bridge's "Show Me a Leader" at No. 1? A lot like it did before their video arrived, in that Andy Black has reclaimed the top spot overall with "Ribcage." This makes the video's fourth non-consecutive week on top and leaves it one countdown-topping week away from the Battle Royale Hall of Fame. However, Andy Black did have some competition this week as Shinedown's "How Did You Love" debuted at No. 2 and was closing the gap late in the week. Meanwhile, Shallow Side's "Rebel" continues to perform well at No. 3.

Also of note on the Battle Royale this week are two other debuts, with Steel Panther reeling in Robin Zander for a cover of Cheap Trick's "She's Tight" at No. 5, while The Answer's rocking new clip for "Solas" debuted at No. 10. See all of the Battle Royale Top 10 Videos for the week below.

What will next week's Battle Royale look like? You'll get your say, and there's a handful of new videos entering the voting. Amity Affliction ("All F--ked Up"), Avenged Sevenfold ("The Stage"), Killswitch Engage ("Cut You Loose"), Korn featuring Corey Taylor ("A Different World"), Meshuggah ("Clockworks") and Oni ("Eternal Recurrence") all get their shot. See those clips, along with every video available for voting, by clicking on the links in the poll at the bottom of this post. You can vote once per hour through the deadline of Friday, Oct. 21 at 11AM ET. So make those votes count.

  • 10


    The Answer
  • 9


  • 8

    "Break Me"

    One Less Reason
  • 7

    "The Network"

    The ReAktion
  • 6

    "Taking on the World"

    Operation: Mindcrime
  • 5

    "She's Tight"

    Steel Panther featuring Robin Zander
  • 4


    Lacey Sturm
  • 3


    Shallow Side
  • 2

    "How Did You Love"

  • 1


    Andy Black