For the last two weeks, Shinedown's "Asking for It" has ruled the Battle Royale Video Countdown, but this week a newcomer has knocked them out of the top spot. "The Panheads" turned out en masse to ensure that Skillet's new video for "Feel Invincible" became the new No. 1. Shinedown actually fell to third, with Sick Puppies' "Stick to Your Guns" sticking around the top of the Battle Royale at No. 2 after the final votes were tallied.

Skillet wasn't the only band with a new clip cracking the Top 10 this week. Sum 41 hopped into the Top 10 at No. 5 with "Fake My Own Death," while Gemini Syndrome also had a strong debut at No. 9 with their "Anonymous" video. Check out all of the Battle Royale Top 10 Videos of the Week below.

We've got six new videos entering the voting to see who will make next week's Battle Royale Top 10. Head to the poll at the bottom of this post and click on the links to see the clips for D Generation's "Militant," King 810's "Carve My Name," Melvins' "Hideous Woman," The New Low's "My Own Way," The Plot in You's "Time Changes Everything" and Rob Zombie's "Medication for the Melancholy" along with all of the other nominated videos. You can vote once per hour through the deadline of Friday, July 15 at 11AM ET to ensure your favorite clip makes the Top 10.

  • 10


    Stitched Up Heart
  • 9


    Gemini Syndrome
  • 8

    "Motherless Land"

    The Virginmarys
  • 7

    "Burning At Both Ends"

  • 6

    "Bad Guy"

  • 5

    "Fake My Own Death"

    Sum 41
  • 4


    James Durbin
  • 3

    "Asking for It"

  • 2

    "Stick to Your Guns"

    Sick Puppies
  • 1

    "Feel Invincible"