Now that The Pretty Reckless have claimed the top spot, they're not ready to give it up. For the second week in a row, The Pretty Reckless' "Oh My God" has taken the No. 1 spot on the Battle Royale Video Countdown, holding off a late push from Earthside's "A Dream in Static" video and facing stiff competition from Stitched Up Heart's "Catch Me When I Fall," a clip that's enjoyed a resurgence of late. However, as the longest running video on the countdown, Stitched Up Heart will get one final victory lap week of voting this coming week before being retired.

Elsewhere on the countdown, Avatar enjoyed a solid debut week as the visually creative "New Land" clip arrived at No. 5. Ded's Fred Durst-directed "Anti-Everything" video claimed the No. 8 spot, while City of the Weak's "Censor This" placed ninth in its final week on the countdown. See all of the Battle Royale Top 10 rock and metal videos of the week below.

With City of the Weak retiring, there will be at least one vacancy in the Top 10 next week and new videos from Against Me ("Haunting Haunted Haunts"), Animals as Leaders ("Cognitive Contortions"), Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes ("Vampires"), Deep Purple ("All I Got Is You"), Dario Lorina ("Death Grip Tribulations"), Mastodon ("Show Yourself"), Skillet ("Monster") and Warbringer ("Remain Violent") are among those hoping to fill it. Fans can vote for their favorite clips once per hour through the deadline of Friday, March 24 at 11AM ET. So vote now, vote often and come back next Friday to see who made the Battle Royale Top 10.

  • 10

    "Feed the Fire"

  • 9

    "Censor This"

    City of the Weak
  • 8


  • 7


  • 6

    "Heart of War"

    Message From Sylvia
  • 5

    "New Land"

  • 4


  • 3

    "Catch Me When I Fall"

    Stitched Up Heart
  • 2

    "A Dream in Static"

    Earthside featuring Daniel Tompkins
  • 1

    "Oh My God"

    The Pretty Reckless