The video format is still alive and well in 2013, and a number of top rockers used it to the best of their ability to further the promotion of their music. Some acts went to great lengths with their clips, turning things over to directors to create elaborate animated videos. Others went the more traditional format with a full-on narrative to deliver their message.

There were some acts that let their sense of humor shine, while others provided equally dark visuals to accompany their message-driven clips. Simply put, there were a lot of great rock videos in 2013 and we at Loudwire want to provide a platform to showcase the best of the best. So, without further adieu, check out the 10 Best Rock Videos of 2013 below.

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    'Never Never'


    Ever wonder what happens when you mess with time? Korn find out first hand when the demon helping the minutes tick away unleashes her fury upon the band members, who are sent dodging debris and rapidly moving minute and hour hands. The eye catching, time-bending Giovanni Bucci-directed video for 'Never Never' easily ranks among the 10 Best Rock Videos of 2013.

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    'Ain't No Sunshine'

    Black Label Society

    Black Label Society's odd choice of cover song -- Bill Withers' 'Ain't No Sunshine' -- was strange only until the video came out. The video finds humans like Zakk Wylde all bearing animal heads. We see Wylde's horse hero fantasizing about a happy life with a unicorn. And just to top off the odd factor, there's a mid-song guitar solo by acclaimed Hellyeah and Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul.

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    'Bohemian Rhapsody'


    Puscifer are a unique band, so it should come as no surprise that they have something equally bizarre for their video for 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' Men in drag, human heads superimposed on old black and white film footage and a sad, tragic tale all factor into the video for the band's Queen cover song.

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    In This Moment

    In This Moment succeed in blending both spooky and sexy visuals all into one clip. The Robert John Kley-directed video for 'Adrenalize' opens with a masked Maria Brink twitchily walking her way down a corridor and approaching a restrained female subject on an operating table. But nothing sinister is afoot, just a little reawakening of the libido. The remainder of the video finds barely clothed, animal-masked men and women grinding upon each other.

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    'City of Angels'

    Thirty Seconds to Mars

    Los Angeles is the land of dreams and Thirty Seconds to Mars capture that ideal perfectly in their video for 'City of Angels.' In the short film, a number of well-known celebrities and some who've never reached the fame they sought speak about what L.A. means to them. This love letter to Tinsel Town is a touching and moving tribute.

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    'Lemon Scent'

    Dead Sara

    Just one listen to Dead Sara and you know the group packs a punch! But the band's video for 'Lemon Scent' took the obvious one step further, with singer Emily Armstrong and guitarist Siouxsie Medley stepping into the ring. The pair bloody each other before turning their fury on the audience members who have been goading them on.

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    Escape the Fate

    Escape the Fate hit on one of the true hot-button topics of the day -- bullying -- with their clip for 'Ungrateful.' Director Frankie Nasso struck a chord with this video that explores that chain of violence that comes with bullying, showing that those exhibiting such tendencies have often been victimized themselves. 'Ungrateful' is a powerful clip deserving of a spot on the 10 Best Rock Videos of 2013.

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    'Do Me a Favor'

    Stone Sour

    Stone Sour went the animation route for their 'Do Me a Favor' video and director Phil Mucci delivered one of the more visually stunning promos of 2013. The comic book-style video finds a central character seeking refuge from a demon-filled landscape only to find a more formidable foe inside a church.

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    Alice in Chains

    Alice in Chains appear via song only in the clip for 'Hollow,' but the story is what truly drives the video. The haunting tale of an astronaut slowly descending into madness amidst isolation from the big blue planet below is a gripping tale created by director Roboshobo. The visual narrative appears to be the perfect compliment to the latest sludgy Alice in Chains classic.

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    '… Like Clockwork' Series

    Queens of the Stone Age

    Over a handful of dates in May, Queens of the Stone Age released a series of animated videos from their '… Like Clockwork' album that tied together. As such, it's hard to separate these five pieces that include the songs 'I Appear Missing,' 'Kalopsia,' 'Keep Your Eyes Peeled,' 'If I Had a Tail' and 'My God Is the Sun.' This brutal and bloody series of clips certainly leaves us wanting for more, and it stands atop our 10 Best Rock Videos of 2013.

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