Here's a look at the top stories of the day on Loudwire and around the Web:

- Eddie Van Halen is feeling relieved after having emergency surgery for Diverticulitis. However, he's going to need some recovery time, meaning Van Halen shows have to be pushed. [Loudwire]

- Good news for Foo Fighters fans, and maybe some "meh" news for Foo fans in the U.K. Dave Grohl hushes all that hiatus talk and explains his Reading Festival comments. [Loudwire]

- How about some Mastodon discussion to keep your day rocking? Check out this list of Top 10 Mastodon Songs. [Loudwire]

- Yet another Pearl Jam side project? Yes, it's true. Jeff Ament has joined a new group called RNDM with Joseph Arthur. []

- Ready to paint the town red? Sammy Hagar is getting a whole day dedicated to him in Roseville, California. [Ultimate Classic Rock]

- Who doesn't love free music? At Sea are serving up their new song, 'The Past Is A Drug.' [Rock Music Report]