Falset, the Canadian prog rock/metal group featuring Chance LaBrie, son of Dream Theater singer James LaBrie, have released a music video for "Give," which comes off their newly-announced debut album, We Follow or Lead the Way.

The album will be out on Oct. 16 and "Give" offers a clear example of where the band is now headed stylistically after issuing the Here We Are EP in 2018. Falset's progressive leanings are rooted in modern metal (lunging rhythms, bass drops, synths) with flashes of technical guitar work. Here, the band builds to an explosive chorus with a stripped back verse that stacks intensity.

"'Give' is a song about putting your best foot forward. I believe that in life, we are all dealt a hand of cards, some are good, some are bad. Nothing we do in our entire lives can change the hand that we were dealt In the Beginning. All we can do is give it all we’ve got, and strive for our own best ending," said singer Zach Copeland.

"The song is basically referring to life as one big Poker game," he continued. "In the chorus section of the song 'I’ll play my cards; I call your bluff' is a first person referral to doing what you think is right, or doing what you know you need to do, despite what anyone else says or thinks."

Read the lyrics to "Give" directly below and watch the music video for the song further down the page.

Life is a circus tonight
And You are the main attraction
I may be losing my mind, oh what a sight
To feast on my eyes
If you’re holding my drink above our heads
you know I’m game for a late night
(You know I’m game for a late night)
(You know I’m game for a late night)

I’ll play my cards
I call your bluff
So bite your tongue
Never let it go, never let it go
(Give, Give, Give, Give, Give, Give.)
(Give, Give, Give, Give, Give, Give.)

Life is a drug today
Yet you are my main addiction
And I’m getting lost in a phase
Oh what a fight
A fight for my life

Ring around ring around the Rosie,
I’ve got the ashes, so break out the posies
(No matter where you put me)

I won’t be made a fool
I won’t be forced to back down
I give it all I’ve got
Until I can’t give at all

And face the noise

If I hide my king
Will you run away
Do I take my chances
With the river

We Follow or Lead the Way will be released on Oct. 16 and the album art as well as the full track listing can be viewed below. The record was produced by Copeland and mixed by Adam 'Nolly' Getgood (Periphery).

"This album was made at my Uncle David’s Cottage. It was nice to get away from all of of life’s distractions and have a relaxing environment to write this album in with the boys. Then Nolly just brought it up a whole other level with the huge mix," enthused LaBrie.

Falset, "Give" Music Video

Falset, We Follow or Lead the Way Album Art + Track Listing

Falset Music Group
Falset Music Group

01. "Kingdom"
02. "Give"
03. "Fire At Will"
04. "We Follow Or Lead The Way"
05. "Rock Bottom"
06. "Hollow Saints"
07. "Dear Heaven Dear Saints"
08. "Without A Trace"
09. "9 Minute Drive"
10. Smoke & Mirrors"

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