Earlier this month, Daryl Hall filed a lawsuit against John Oates and obtained a temporary restraining order against him. We now know why.

The filings were under wraps until Nov. 22 when a Tennessee judge partially unsealed the case, revealing the reason for Hall's suit. According to the Associated Press, Hall is attempting to block Oates from selling his share in their joint venture to Primary Wave Music, claiming it would violate the terms of the pair's business agreement.

The suit also applies to Oates' wife, Aimee Oates, and Richard Flynn, co-trustees of Oates' trust. It states that Oates and his team entered into a letter of intent with Primary Wave Music for the sale. This letter allegedly violates a confidentiality provision by disclosing Hall & Oates' business agreement with Primary Wave.

"Thus," the suit says, "the entire Unauthorized Transaction is the product of an indisputable breach of contract."

Further details on the sale are still unknown, but the judge has temporarily blocked the sale while the legal proceedings continue. It's still unclear what exactly is at stake in the new sale, but Primary Wave has already owned a "significant" portion of Hall & Oates' catalog for more than a decade.

Daryl Hall's Regrets About Publishing

Hall has been vocal about his disappointment in not owning more of his music.

"In the early days, it got sold off for me and I didn't get the money," he told Sky News in 2021. "Never sell your publishing - maybe if you're, you know, 80 years old and you decided to retire, then you can sell your publishing, but I wouldn't even suggest it then, I don't believe in that concept, It's all you have is that."

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A court hearing date is set for Nov. 30.

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