Kiss returned to the stage Saturday night, after frontman Paul Stanley's battle with the flu forced them to cancel three of the last eight shows on their farewell tour.

The band performed their typically explosive, stunt-filled set at Indianapolis' Gainbridge Fieldhouse after missing shows scheduled for this past week in Ottawa, Toronto and Knoxville. "I’ve done everything possible to get onstage and be a part of the incredible 2 1/2 hour celebration we planned but this flu has made it impossible," Stanley said of the cancellations on social media, alongside a photo that showed him hooked up to an IV bag. 

Prior to last night's show in Indianapolis Stanley elaborated on the extent of his illness. "You know, I’ve done shows with cracked ribs, I’ve done shows with a 103 fever," he explained during a pre-show soundcheck and Q&A session. "[This time] I literally... I was wondering if it was my time. But anyway, I’m here and its awesome."

Watch Kiss Perform 'Cold Gin' in Indianapolis

Paul Stanley Pays Tribute to Kiss Army Founder

Kiss took time during the show to pay tribute to Indiana native Bill Starkey, who founded the band's Kiss Army fan club in 1975. "There was a radio station in Terre Haute, Indiana that wouldn't play Kiss," Stanley explained from the stage. "And an amazing young guy - cause it just takes one young person with a little bit of balls and independence to make things happen - Bill Starkey called the radio station and said, 'If you don't play Kiss... we will surround your radio station.' They thought it was a joke... until the station was surrounded and they played Kiss!"

Watch Paul Stanley Pay Tribute to Bill Starkey

There are only four concerts left on Kiss' End of the Road trek, which will conclude on Dec. 2 at New York City's Madison Square Garden. Their final show will be available to watch live on pay-per-view.

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