Welcome to Loudwire's first annual March Metal Madness! We've taken 32 of the greatest metal bands in history along with their most definitive songs and placed them all into a bloody battle for the prize of ultimate supremacy.

The rules are simple, 32 songs are placed into four regions - the Devil Horn Region, the Moshpit Region, the Headbanger Division and the Stage Dive Region. Each week, one-on-one battles will take place between songs. Much like NCAA's March Madness, the winners of each match will move on to the next round. After four rounds of eliminations, the two surviving tracks will compete for the March Metal Madness Championship on April 2.

As March Metal Madness continues, we will keep you updated on winners, new battles and voting deadlines.

Lets get Loudwire's 2012 March Metal Madness started! The winners depend entirely on your votes, so click on the divisions below to vote on each and every matchup.

March Metal Madness Divisions

Devil Horn Region - Round 1 (Vote Now!)
Moshpit Region - Round 1 (Vote Now!)
Headbanger Region - Round 1 (Vote Now!)
Stage Dive Region - Round 1 (Vote Now!)

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