Mick Mars has released a new solo single titled "Right Side of Wrong," the second helping off his upcoming full-length solo debut The Other Side of Mars.

You can listen to the song below.

"Right Side of Wrong" is a stomping, riff-heavy rocker with a decidedly more alt-rock feel than the bulk of Mars' work in Motley Crue. It follows his debut solo single "Loyal to the Lie," which he released on Halloween.

"'Right Side of Wrong' has kind of an odd solo in it," Mars tells UCR. "Different than what I've heard anybody do. Maybe Jeff Beck could have [done something like this]. But I tried to not stray from it, but to go, 'Here's another level of me. Here's this weird part — play a solo over it.' It’s like a kaleidoscope kind of thing, where these notes come out of this, and it's a different color than the rhythm is in this part. I don't know how to really explain it, but that's what came to me.

"I'm really, really trying to be what I am, which is a little off," he adds with a laugh. "Maybe I am from Mars? I have no idea."

Details About Mick Mars' 'The Other Side of Mars'

Mars will release The Other Side of Mars on Feb. 23. The guitarist announced his retirement from touring with Motley Crue last year and has spent much of this year involved in a public legal battle regarding his ongoing compensation from the band — but fans shouldn't expect to hear any of that dirt on his solo debut.

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Instead, Mars is focused on establishing his own musical identity apart from his estranged bandmates. "I needed to be Mick Mars, not [a] Motley Crue parody or whatever you want to call it," he says. "I've had ideas that weren't quite fit for Motley Crue that I did for me as a solo artist. [It was important to get] the first record up to par [and demonstrate] what it is I'm doing and where I'm going with my music. It's a diverse kind of music."

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