Paradise Lost have a busy 2016 ahead of them. Not only did they set sail on this year’s 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise but they are set to perform at Maryland Deathfest and numerous major European festivals. We had the chance to catch up with vocalist Nick Holmes for a fun game of ‘Would You Rather?’ Check it out below:

Would you rather be late for a show or mess up onstage? 

I’d rather be late for a show because when you mess up it’s kind of there for everyone to see because everyone films everything. It’s probably going to be on YouTube. If you’re late you’re just going to get complaints from people from everyone in the crowd and not the rest of the world.

Would you rather play big festivals or small club shows forever? 

There’s pros and cons, I’d rather play big festivals because there’s lots of people there but you don’t usually get to soundcheck, with club gigs you get to soundcheck and you know what’s going on. I’d say festivals mainly because I like to play to lots of people and you’re usually guaranteed at a festival that there’s quite a lot of people.

Would you rather have a massive fan base or a massive bank account?

You don’t usually get one without the other right? [Laughs] Oh I don’t know, maybe in the middle somewhere. I’ll say massive fan base, that’s the right answer isn’t it? I guess. [Laughs]

Would you rather be on tour or in the studio? 

I’d rather be in the studio, I don’t like spending six weeks away from home at a time. Touring’s good, we all agree on this, most people I know, you do three weeks on a tour and it’s okay and fun. After three weeks it kind of grinds you a little bit, I like to do about three weeks a month but this last tour we did seven weeks and it was a little bit too long. Of course we get on with it, the studio is more of a controlled environment, you know where the coffee is. [Laughs] When you tour, if it’s a certain level of touring then it’s nice and comfortable but a lot of times when you play in smaller places you don’t know where toilets are, there’s a lot of inconveniences on small tours. The older I get, the more I want convenience. [Laughs]

Would you rather have an accordion for legs or drumsticks for hands?

Accordion for legs. Drummers, you’d just be tapping all day. They’re annoying people they do it anyway. An accordion for legs? [Laughs] You’d be in a wheel chair or something? You can just push me in the other room and shut the door. Sticks for hands, you’d just be tapping, just a nightmare.

Would you rather have lunch with a music icon who has passed away or a music icon who is currently alive. Who would it be and why?

That’s a difficult one because if I don’t know them already, I wouldn’t want to meet with them, I wouldn’t want the awkward silences. I prefer somebody I know, there’s nobody I’m particularly bothered about having lunch with. I guess someone who makes me laugh – alright I’ll say Adrian [Erlandsson] from At the Gates, he’s funny and I’ll probably be having lunch with him anyway. [Laughs]

Our thanks to Nick Holmes of Paradise Lost for taking the time out to play ‘Would You Rather?’ with us!

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