Paradise Lost have been pioneers of the death / doom style since releasing their first masterpiece, Lost Paradise, in 1990. Here they are nearly 30 years after forming, ready to unleash Medusa, their 15th studio album. Whet your appetite for some melody-driven doom and gloom with the music video for the new track "Blood and Chaos."

The song hinges around an infectious guitar lead, almost reminiscent of Sweden's Dark Tranquillity. A more upbeat tempo propels the track with a swinging drum attack and a foundation-cracking bass tone keeping things grounded as frontman Nick Holmes alternates between gravelly bellows and soothing cleans. The video for "Blood and Chaos" depicts a handful of post-apocalyptic survivors returning to a more uncivilized state as they each struggle for individual preservation, engaging in physical confrontation and battling for materials essential for withstanding the conditions of a harsh new reality.

"The track talks about elements of savagery and basic instinct. It felt right to set the video in a dark and dystopian post electrical-blackout world, where those who remain are essentially scavengers and barely survivors," describes director Ash Pears. "Things they once took for granted like batteries, matches and lighters are now the most sought after. This confusing new world has quickly turned upside down what's important to our character; and also makes him question what he would kill for. Our fantastic lead actor Nick Lester fully threw himself at this role — he really brought it to life alongside his collaborations with our other very talented actors Adele, Cris and Matt."

Medusa will be released Sept. 1 through Nuclear Blast and the "Blood and Chaos" 7-inch vinyl single is out now. Pre-order the album and explore various bundle options in addition to the single at the label's webstore. If this new song and video still leaves you craving more, get your fix of new Paradise Lost material by subscribing to their newsletter for a download of the new track "Symbolic Virtue.

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