In 2015, Paradise Lost delivered The Plague Within, an album many consider to be among the finest ever released by the British death / doom troupe since their debut record in 1990. Consistently on the cutting edge of innovation within the genre they helped define, the group appears to have another acclaimed albums on their hands if the new song "The Longest Winter" is any indication.

Unforgiving in its lurching pace, the song pushes boulders uphill, moving forward with lead-footed steps, leaving behind deep craters in the earth. "The Longest Winter" is dominated by a rippling, watery-toned mournful lead as frontman Nick Holmes' sonorous croon conveys a sense of utter despair. Alternating those soothing cleans with his intelligible death growl, it's the perfect utilization of the standard dual vocal attack, helping to give light and shade to the Medusa single.

"I read a story about how wildlife was once beginning to flourish in the 30-mile exclusion zone after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 — particularly the wolf population. It was nice to think that that no matter how much mankind tried to f--k the planet up directly or indirectly, life carries on in some shape or form. But humans are humans and I recently heard that there is already now 'timed' hunting trips organized into the exclusion zone," Holmes said about "The Longest Winter."

Medusa will be out Sept. 1 through Nuclear Blast, marking the 15th studio effort from Paradise Lost. It will also be the first album to feature new drummer Waltteri Väyrynen, who joined the band in 2016, replacing Adrian Erlandsson, who was a member between 2009 and 2016. To pre-order the album, head to the label's webstore.

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