As one of Cleveland's top metal acts, Ringworm are ready to take the world by storm with their latest album, Snake Church. A perfect progression from 2014's Hammer of the Witch, Ringworm's latest features the band's classic give and take between their brutal music and frontman Human Furnace's powerful vocals. This week, Loudwire is excited to unveil Snake Church to the world ahead of its release on Friday (July 29) via Relapse Records (listen below).

"We're pretty simple and streamlined as far as our recording techniques go," Human Furnace tells us in an exclusive chat about the new record. "Just like everything else, if it's not broke, why try to f--- with it, you know?"

To that end, Snake Church is a staggering follow-up to Hammer of the Witch, packed with 12 tracks of in-your-face savagery. Human Furnace says, "Every record has its own attitude."

Snake Church is Ringworm's eighth full-length since they made their debut in the early '90s, but the band's approach to their music hasn't really changed much. "When it's time to make a record, instead of making a big production out of it, we always just take a logical approach," the frontman explains. "We just start writing and hash it out and then record. It's about as easy as it can get."

It's that behind-the-scenes simplicity that makes Ringworm's metal -- and especially Snake Church -- instantly infectious for both longtime and brand-new fans. And as usual, Ringworm don't just serve up stellar rock -- they also deliver mesmerizing album art to create a true, full-blown listening experience.

"This one was done a little different," Human Furnace says of Snake Church's artwork. "The last one was ink on paper, but this one was done digitally. It was hand drawn, but because it was done with the computer, I could obsess over every single detail -- which is kind of good and kind of bad. Every dot and every line was made by hand ... I spent about 200 hours on it when it was all said and done."

Ringworm - 'Snake Church'
Relapse Records

Once Snake Church hits the streets, Human Furnace and his Ringworm bandmates will have a little time off before they hit the road.

"The way things worked out this year," he says, "we've had most of the summer off, which is great. We can concentrate on our personal lives, getting them in order and then throwing them all away like we do when we go out on tour. We head out in October and then come home and then Europe will be on the horizon. After that, I'm sure it'll snowball."

Ringworm's Snake Church is out July 29 via Relapse Records. You can pick it up on CD, digital and vinyl formats -- grab more details on the album at this location.

Ringworm, Snake Church -- Exclusive Album Premiere