The viral "rock star girlfriend" TikTok trend is making the rock star aesthetic cool again... not that it ever stopped being cool though.

If we've learned anything from social media over the last few years, it's that TikTok is an extremely powerful platform when it comes to making things trendy. We've seen artists experience massive spikes in popularity because one of their songs went viral, including already huge bands such as Metallica and Ghost, as well as newer groups, such as Bad Omens and Sleep Token.

Recently, a new trend has gone viral called the "rock star girlfriend." According to findings by WeThrift, the phrase has seen a 244 percent increase in Google search during the month of January.

What Is the 'Rock Star Girlfriend' Trend?

The "rock star girlfriend" aesthetic is pretty self-explanatory, in that individuals are simply doing their makeup, hair and curating outfits to look like a rock star. There's no one way to go about it, and anyone can participate — you obviously don't have to be a girlfriend to achieve the look. Rock 'n' roll has always been about self-expression, so whatever that means to you is how you can do it.

Most of the individuals participating in the trend on TikTok are creating edgy looks, with a lot of dark makeup, messy hair and rebellious outfits. See some examples below.

How to Do the "Rock Star Girlfriend" Look?

WeThrift's Nick Drewe has provided some beauty and style advice for those looking to achieve the rock star girlfriend aesthetic.

"A key aspect of the rock star Girlfriend aesthetic is using a combination of eyeliner and eyeshadow to achieve a dark and bold eye look. The classic smoky eye has been a staple part of the makeup scene since the 1920s, and has been revolutionized throughout the years," he said.

"For the eyeshadow, opt for a matte black, or any dark matte shade to blend into the eyeliner for a smoky effect. It’s important to prep your eyelids beforehand using a primer so that the eyeshadow stays in place and to promote the longevity of the look. And for the eyeliner, apply a dark brown or black shade to your upper and lower lash lines for a cohesive look."

To really make the look more advanced, Drewe also suggested using a complementary lip combination, especially grungy colors, using voluminous mascara and sculpting the cheekbones. Again, none of this is required to get the rock star look, and you should tailor it to your own preferences.

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Makeup and fashion have always been a big part of rock and metal, and often set rock stars apart from musicians of other genres. Whether you're looking for a subtle look or want to go bold, you should embrace your inner rock star, and wear it proudly.

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