Musicians stayed busy in 2020 and we were right by their side. Whether it's for practicing, composing, recording or sharing, IK Multimedia continues to innovate and produce tools that inspire music makers to new levels of creativity.

For NAMM Believe in Music Week 2021, we've put together a schedule of special programming, covering topics from music creation to sound design and mixing. We've lined up some guest artists to show how they use IK products and share tips on making better music, as well as organized a series of live-music streams from around the world.

During the event, we'll be announcing a ground-breaking new musical instrument. If you've followed IK at previous NAMMs, you know how committed we are to unveiling something big. And we'll be ringing in the New Year with a must-have piece of gear, or two!

To catch the latest news, enjoy the live-music streams or watch some of the informative content, visit IK's NAMM page.

See you there!


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