The Virginmarys are digging deeper into their latest album Divides, unleashing a new video for the single "Motherless Land" off the effort. Rather than showcase the band's playing, this clip goes for a more conceptual narrative.

The Kyle Cogan-directed video finds a pair of homeless youths who find solace and love with one another as they travel the country hopping from train to train. What initially appears to be a romanticized look at a burgeoning love through the looking glass of life on the road eventually takes a tragic turn as the harsh realities of their life catch up to them.

"There’s a lot of singing for the beaten-down and the people who don’t have a voice," says Virginmarys singer and guitarist Ally Dickaty. “This particular song is about a couple that is escaping from the society that they’re living in because they’ve just had enough of it." According to the Wall Street Journal, who premiered the video, Cogan and his crew set out on a 1,500-mile road trip that spanned from Los Angeles to Arizona to Utah and Nevada and also included 150 miles traveled aboard a train in order to get the feel.

"Motherless Land" is just one of the tracks on the Divides album that deals with themes of discontent with modern society. "This album has been filtered through the anger and frustration of living in a crumbling and f--ked up society run by those who couldn't care less whether you live, die, eat or starve so long as their own status and life style is maintained within a self serving system," states Dickaty.

He adds, "The overall theme of the album is the divides among people, freedom and power, injustice, inequality and corruption. Anger, disillusionment, injustice, frustration about where I feel we are in today's society. History repeating. Restraint by systems that benefit the few and the choices left to take part or be cast aside and face persecution. The rise of depression and anxiety and use of anti-depressants and drugs across the globe. Disillusion in politicians and democracy. There's a lot of divides with us in Britain, many created by the government and media turning people against one another. We are brainwashed with who to love, who to fear, who is good and who is evil."

The Virginmarys' Divides album is currently available to purchase via Amazon and iTunes and you can catch the band on tour at these stops.