Music fans are sharing the worst concert they've ever seen as part of a viral trend on X (formerly Twitter), where individuals also shout out the first and last concert they've seen, the loudest one, which show they're seeing next and more.

It feels like a throwback to some of the earliest days of social media and, pre-dating that, chain emails, and it's always as much fun to see posts from others as it is to share your own.

Why Is "Worst Concert" Trending?

A checklist challenge of sorts, the trend compiles nine talking points and has circulated widely in recent days.

Those categories are:

  • First concert
  • Last concert
  • Worst concert
  • Loudest concert
  • Best concert
  • Seen the most
  • Most surprising
  • Next concert
  • Wish I could've seen

Naturally, since people can't help but harp on the negative things, the "worst concert" aspect of this post has been a popular topic on X.

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The Worst Concert People Have Seen

Below, we've rounded up a lot of responses from the rock and metal community, including Metal Blade Records founder and CEO Brian Slagel and Guns N' Roses tour manager Del James, in addition to plenty of fans.

What's intriguing about the "worst concert" responses in that a lot of the posts are representative of eras or more niche subgenres and scenes, offering a snapshot. Others are more all-encompassing, so it's a mixed bag of replies.

Keep in mind that this is all subjective and there is no true worst band and these responses don't necessarily mean these bands suck live. Everyone has different tastes, sometimes a band can have an off night and, well, sometimes you wind up seeing a band you've never been fond of in the first place.

It's all in good fun and there's a lot of love for so many artists as well in regards to the other categories in this latest viral trend.

What a wild example of how it started/how it's going, kicking off live music with Taylor Swift and then going full tilt with metal shows!

We have a sneaking suspicion Uncle G took his niece to see Ashlee Simpson and did not enjoy himself.

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