Sometimes when you've got an energetic song, it's just good to show what you can do live! And that's exactly what Young Guns have done for the video for their new single "Rising Up."

In the clip, you get to see Young Guns performing the song in a variety of concert settings, but one thing is evident no matter the setting -- the band gets off on playing the song live. With heavier beats and more attitude shining through, the group's members often look like a series of flying limbs whenever performing the song.

"Rising Up" is featured on Young Guns' latest album, Ones and Zeroes. The band's third album was officially released last month, though the songs "I Want Out," "Speaking in Tongues" and "Daylight" have already enjoyed some play off the disc. If you're interested in picking up the album, it's currently available via Amazon and iTunes.

Speaking about the new album, frontman Gustav Wood recently told Full Metal Jackie, "For us this time, it was just about finding new ways to challenge ourselves and remain interested in writing rock music and on this record, we found that the way we wrote was quite different. We wrote a lot of the time around piano, or around synth and then it was about what can the guitars do that’s really important but we’re not just throwing in a thousand guitars for the sake of it. So funnily enough, I think it’s probably our heaviest record, but it’s also our leanest, and I think our best written record, our best written collection of songs that we’ve been able to put together so far."

At present, Young Guns are rocking stages in their native U.K. But beginning Aug. 14, they'll cross the pond to play shows stateside, kicking off with a show at Boston's House of Blues. After the August run, they'll return to the U.K. for another leg of shows. See all of their upcoming dates here.