The best metal songs of 2013 display how wide-ranging the genre has become. While all of the tunes fit within the metal universe, several of these bands are vastly different from one another. After much debate, we've compiled our list of the 10 Best Metal Songs of 2013, which features songs from veteran metal pioneers, extreme metal mavens, metalcore heroes, experimental acts and much more. In celebration of the year in metal, check out our picks for the 10 Best Metal Songs of 2013 below:

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    'Cycles of Suffering'


    From: Pinnacle of Bedlam

    Suffocation delivered another slab of death metal brutality and technical prowess in 2013. 'Pinnacle of Bedlam' is the band's first post-reunion album without acclaimed drummer Mike Smith as Dave Culross mans the sticks. The album starts off with 'Cycles of Suffering,' which is an instantaneous punch delivered to the gut. Frank Mullen's gutturals being immediately brutal as an all out riffing assault bombards the listener and brings the pain.

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    'When I Lost My Bet'

    The Dillinger Escape Plan

    From: 'One of Us is the Killer'

    The Dillinger Escape Plan are one of modern metal's most dynamic and unpredictable bands, both live and in the studio. 'When I Lost My Bet' is a shining example of this notion, as the band switches between hardcore riffing, dizzying lead work, and schizophrenic rhythmic attacks, all wrapped up in the bow of Greg Puciato's manic vocals and lyrics. Each member's wide range of influences all intertwine with each other as Dillinger add to their growing legacy.

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    From: 'Ultraviolet'

    Kylesa are an ever-evolving bunch, taking their brand of sludge and melding it with post-metal and psychedelic elements to create something truly their own. 'Unspoken' is a trance-inducing song with rolling rhythms and cosmic texturing that will have you lost in time through its five minute run. This hypnotic dirge takes the band's sound to new places as they shift gears from the typical riff-fest and showcase their diversity.

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    'Where Dreams Go To Die'


    From: 'Queensrÿche'

    Queensrÿche split into two groups this past year, with this incarnation featuring singer Todd La Torre. The vocalist demonstrates his abilities on 'Where Dreams Go To Die,' taking things from somber to energetic within the song. This track is the first penned by now full-time guitarist Parker Lundgren, as the band is back to being a full on collaboration of all members. There's some obvious bitterness in the lyrics, but they work well outside of the context as a throwback to the glory days of Queensrÿche.

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    'Drumhead Trial'

    Protest the Hero

    From: 'Volition'

    Protest the Hero have yet another intriguing offering with 'Volition' and continue to grow their unique brand of a melting pot of metallic influences. Overt technicality in the guitar playing opens up 'Drumhead Trial' and somehow manage to work into a more conventional song structure with a traditional metal overtone. Modern metal elements collide with old school sounds in this high-flying and eclectic song.

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    From: 'Aftershock'

    Motörhead have never disappointed across their 21 studio albums, the latest being 'Aftershock.' The band churns out just what fans wanted, but with a little more edge and attitude than they've had lately. 'Heartbreaker' kicks things off with a bang on 'Aftershock,' instantly showcasing Motörhead's unwavering take on the rock/metal hybrid they've laid down for nearly 40 years.

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    'Shadow Moses'

    Bring Me the Horizon

    From: 'Sempiternal'

    Bring Me the Horizon dished out another critically acclaimed album with 'Sempiternal.' The band have expanded their sound and continue to mature as they combine aspects of their early sound with melodic breaks and hardcore riffing. 'Shadow Moses' boasts one of the most anthemic choruses of the year with gang shouts to echo the mindset of the lyrics. Songs like this are the reason Bring Me the Horizon are still on the upswing in their career.

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    'Year Zero'

    Ghost B.C.

    From: 'Infestissumam'

    While Ghost B.C. could have already been considered a breakout band after their debut, 'Opus Eponymous,' they took things to a new level with 'Infestissumam' helping to bring their image to full fruition. 'Year Zero' sees the choirs in full effect as Ghost meld their brand of pop sensibilities with overtly Satanic lyrics and has made converts of countless metal and rock fans.

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    'An Ocean of Wisdom'


    From: 'Colored Sands'

    The heat was on Gorguts mainman Luc Lemay after assembling his all-star cast of musicians and resurrected the legendary Gorguts in 2008. Five years after the reformation, 'Colored Sands' was released and exceeded all expectations. 'An Ocean of Wisdom' was the second song to be heard before the album's release and immediately had old fans swooning and new ones lining up in droves to hail their new death metal masters.

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    'God Is Dead?'

    Black Sabbath

    From: '13'

    With all of the anticipation of the release of '13' and the pressure on Black Sabbath, 'God Is Dead?' swiftly alleviated any doubts from fans and gave the band a huge sigh of relief. After 35 years between Sabbath albums with Ozzy Osbourne, they delivered what fans have been fantasizing about all of those years. 'God Is Dead?' is a push and pull of heaviness and atmosphere, which embodies what the band was all about from the beginning.

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