Our next countdown focuses on one of modern metal’s most riff-oriented bands, Rammstein! Heavier than a Till hammer, Rammstein’s riffs are the driving force of the band and we’ve narrowed their finest leads down to this Top 10 list!

“Du Hast” has got to be one of the most headbangable songs in history. Once that guitar lead hit after the electronic ramp-up, all hell breaks loose at a Rammstein show. The Grammy-winning Sehnsucht cut has one of the most menacing riffs in modern metal, with the accompanying “Du Hast” video creeping out every MTV kid glued to their television.

Speaking of HEAVY, how about that “Sonne” riff? It’s one of the main pieces to point to when discussing Rammstein’s mastery of rhythmic leads. The dark, brooding atmosphere completely overpowers Rammstein’s lyrics about the sun, which are fairly light-hearted. You wouldn’t guess it by the brutality of that lead riff, though.

One of Rammstein fans’ all-time favorite tracks is “Engel,” which translates to “Angel.” It’s another simple riff, but cuts deep with its tone and precision. Guitarist Richard Kruspe will often talk about the importance of a strong picking hand when it comes to playing and “Engel” put that very strength on display.

Check out our picks for the 10 Greatest Rammstein Riffs in the Loud List above!

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