Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory is one of the best-selling albums of the new millennium. Released during the height of nu-metal's reign, the album defined an era and has since become a bonafide classic not just in the subgenre, but in heavy music as a whole. Its impact was meteoric, even becoming a favorite of the two kids in this video who weren't even born when the album was released!

This pair of 11-year-olds already have the rocker look down, fancying the ultra-cool look of wearing sunglasses inside. After some chatter, the two hit play on "In the End," tackling the dual vocal threat of Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington. They've got the rapping portion down perfectly, delivering the cadence in unison with surprising ease.

Fully confident in their rapping abilities, the two come across as slightly timid when the chorus comes in as they dip in vocal intensity, but in the end, it doesn't even matter! Still, the pre-teens fare pretty well, following the nuances of Bennington's voice, rising and falling at just the right times.

It's safe to say the two boys are big Linkin Park fans, but if you're curious about kids who may have never heard Linkin Park before, we reported on the popular Teens React series earlier this month which featured kids reacting to the rock powerhouses. This particular segment spiraled out, even getting a reaction video from Shinoda himself and then the same kids reacted to Shinoda reacting to them reacting to Linkin Park. Did you follow all that?!

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