It’s been ten years since 12 Stones self-titled debut record and the band has released their fourth studio album ‘Beneath the Scars’ earlier this year. Not to mention the group of Louisiana-based rockers are currently on tour with with Cleveland based band Concordia and also has a one-off date with Smile Empty Soul. For a full list of dates, go here.

When we got the opportunity to chat with 12 Stones frontman Paul McCoy he spoke all about what’s ‘Beneath the Scars,’ and the recording process of the album as well as the secret to the band’s longevity and he also offers a brief look back on recording the Evanescence hit ‘Bring Me to Life’ where he sang as guest vocalist.

The most recent album ‘Beneath the Scars’ what does this title mean to you?

Yeah it represents the last few years and what we’ve gone through and who we are and what lies beneath.

’Beneath the Scars’ is the band’s first record not being released on Wind-Up. What was the recording process like and the experience of working with Executive Music Group?

It was good, it was out first time doing a record with those guys so anytime there’s a new experience it’s definitely an eye opener, trying to figure out what’s going on with everything. It’s been good so far. The recording process was easy because we worked with Skidd Mills again so we definitely knew a lot about what we were going to get into with him.

I read that the album's next single will be the track ‘The One Thing’ is this correct?

I think so.

Could you talk about this song musically and lyrically.

The music for that song I had for a long time in my archives, lyrically it’s about how no matter what goes on, we don’t make any money doing this but we love that experience of being onstage and picking up and playing shows.

Speaking of shows, you guys are on a huge U.S. tour this summer, what is one thing you must bring on tour with you, no electronics?

I always got to have my laptop with me.

No electronics on this one.

Oh, no electronics. I don’t know. [Laughs] We always bring a football and throw that around. And our drummer says you always have to have flushable baby wipes.

If you could tour with any band that you haven’t with yet, who would it be?

Probably Karnivool. We haven’t toured with them yet, we’ve toured with just about every American band in the last decade so there’s not too many we haven’t toured with.

It has been 10 years since the self-titled debut was released and 12 Stones continue to persevere in an industry that is pretty tough these days; what’s your secret to your longevity, what keeps you guys going?

The secret’s laughin’. You just have to laugh at the way things are, try to make jokes and keep each other smiling. Other than that there’s not much to smile about. Out here you just have to keep each other goin’, we feed off of each other’s energy. We’re surviving and laughing the whole way through.

Where do you see 12 Stones in the next 10 years?

Hopefully doing another interview with you. [Laughs] It’s where we’re gonna be, doing the same thing, until I can’t talk or our hands fall off.

We recently did a list of the Top 50 songs of the 21st century and ‘Bring Me To Life’ came in the top three. Looking back on it, wondering if you share some recollection on recording that song.

Yeah, it was actually a very quick process. I found out I was gonna be on the song and flew in the same day to L.A., it took about two hours and I flew back out. Then a few months later when the album came out it blew up and nobody knew it was gonna happen at that point.

If you could collaborate with any musician that you haven’t gotten a chance to work with yet, who would it be?

I don’t’ know, I’ve always wanted to work with Slash. ‘Apocalyptic Love’ is really good, Myles Kennedy is a monster so anything he’s a part of I’m a fan of for sure.

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