Minneapolis rockers 3 Pill Morning recently released their debut studio album ‘Black Tie Love Affair’ and we had the chance to catch up with frontman Jeff Stebbins. The singer touched upon the release of the album, the single ‘Rain’ and their tour with Sevendust. He also discussed the group's dapper style, the origin of the band's name and more. Read our interview with Jeff Stebbins of 3 Pill Morning below:

Congrats on releasing your album ‘Black Tie Love Affair.’ What does the title of the album mean to you?

“Black Tie Love Affair” is that infatuation with the “perfect life.”  'Black Tie Love Affair,' the album, takes you through the reality of life and the fact that things aren’t always perfect. You need to fight to get what you want.

How would you describe the writing and recording process for this album?

We spent a good bit of time on each track working it from live jams, back to acoustic and then rebuilding it again during the album recording process. We wanted to create songs that could stand on their own acoustically, but then really put the emphasis on making it sound big and be something memorable.

Talk about the single ‘Rain’ musically and lyrically.

‘Rain’ is just that moment where you’re fed up with your current life situation and get out and tear it up for a night. It’s that realization that it’s time to move on from a bad situation and find the fun in life back.

We premiered the lyric video for 'Rain' at Loudwire. Are there plans to film an official music video?

Yes, we’ve got some ideas and hopefully once we get a little break from touring, we’ll be able to work on that!

Just curious about your style, in the video for 'Skin,' promo shots and onstage, you guys always dress very elegantly (ties, vests, black pants white shirt); where did that style choice come from?

Once we had the idea for ‘Black Tie Love Affair,’ we decided that we wanted to push that idea into what we bring to a live show both image and performance. Something over the top with energy, yet the unexpected twist of these dudes in suits rockin’ stages. It’s worked out really well.

You're wrapping up a tour with Sevendust; what has that experience been like?

We’ve done a lot of touring over the last few years and this has just been an incredible experience. Sevendust is a band that we look up to and want to emulate the level of dedication, touring, professionalism, and most importantly fan interaction that they have maintained for so many years. Super cool guys and just plain rock stars. Plus their fans have been incredible to us and we’ve gained a lot of new friends and fans from this experience.

Sevendust have been around for quite some time; is there anything you guys learned from them while on the road?

You can make it in this business if you love your band and love your fans. They do both at an incredible level. We hope to do the same!

What are your upcoming tour plans?

Our new album is out, so we plan to be on the road nonstop until the wheels fall off the van. And then we’ll get new wheels and keep touring.

What is one band you would love to tour with that you haven’t gotten the chance to yet and why?

We got a chance to play with Shinedown on this run and would love to turn that into a longer tour. Awesome show every night and a band that we all love their music.

Just wondering where the name 3 Pill Morning came from?

We had a list of names initially and this one rose to the top because when we talked about the name we realized that almost everyone is medicated in some way and for some reason the magic number of pills seemed to be 3. We met a doctor on this tour and asked him to validate what the best guess is...of course he said 3.

3 Pill's Morning's 'Black Tie Love Affair' is currently available at iTunes. Check out the lyric video for the single 'Rain' by clicking below: