Minneapolis rockers 3 Pill Morning have been in the studio working up to a new album, and they've got a new lyric video to share for the first single from their upcoming disc, Never Look Back. The song is called "Electric Chair," and you can check out the clip debuting exclusively here at Loudwire.

The song is a higher energy rocker, sizzling with the angst of heartbreak as vocalist Jeff Stebbins sings, "The jury and the judge / You never shed a tear / You promised me the world and then you left me here / You kill the ones you love / With the secrets that you share / You're leaving me to die in the electric chair."

The singer tells us, "Unfortunately almost everyone goes through a nasty moment in their life where someone you care about does something to violate your trust. The emotion, the ugly words that transpire, the feeling of solitary confinement and essentially being ‘executed’ by people you thought cared is a really brutal experience. ‘Electric Chair’ is such a strong image of that period of time."

"Electric Chair" is featured on the upcoming Never Look Back album, due July 29 via The Fuel Music. And while pre-orders have yet to start on the album, you can pick up "Electric Chair" via iTunes now. Check out the album's track listing and artwork below. And keep an eye out for 3 Pill Morning hitting the road at these locations.

3 Pill Morning, Never Look Back Track Listing

1. "Electric Chair"
2. "The Hunted"
3. "The Queen"
4. "Escape"
5. "Never Look Back"
6. "Vultures"
7. "Bottom of the Barrel"
8. "Out the Door"
9. "Tonight I Wrote a Song for You"
10. "Crumbs"
11. "Kill for You"

3 Pill Morning, Never Look Back Artwork

The Fuel Music
The Fuel Music