30 Seconds to Mars have always had a flair for the dramatic, both through their sweeping soundscapes and their ability to stir up the press by simply hinting at their questionable future. 

Back in May the music community was up in arms when MTV Canada reported that the band was planning to break up after their 2011 tour. Later that week, when MTV caught up with the band and asked them about the rumor, guitarist Tomo Milcevic would only laughingly say, “We can neither confirm nor deny these allegations.” Their fans seemed pretty secure that the band was simply joking but their refusal to address the ‘joke’ months later has left some people wondering.

Playing both sides of the fence in a recent interview with Kerrang! Magazine, frontman Jared Leto admitted that while he is writing new music, their current tour has left them quite exhausted. “A lot of artists peak or get burned out. A lot of times they stop trying and those are all dangers. It took two years to make 'This Is War'. Touring it has been another two years. Do I have that in me again? I don't know.”

‘The Echelon,’ the band's devoted fanbase, can only hope that Leto and Co. have a few more albums in them.  All signs point towards yes, they just might not be rock records. “The compulsion to create is always with me. We could make a dance record, a dubstep record, a punk record or a rock opera. Anything is possible because 'This Is War' was an arrival, creatively and personally.”

30 Seconds to Mars will arrive at the Reading and Leeds Festivals this weekend in England, perhaps we’ll find out more about the band’s destiny then!