It's that time of year again. The hastily thrown together Christmas decorations, the home made baked goods, the White Elephant gift exchange, copious amounts of alcohol and yes, that one guy who insists of playing DJ to raise the roof. We're talking about the office Christmas party, and the one thing left is the inevitable dance party that starts after you've enjoyed a few too many Christmas spirits. For those wanting to get their groove on, but don't quite have the confidence yet, we bring you this tutorial of rockers ready to display their moves and quite possibly teach you a thing or two.

Thirty Seconds to Mars' Jared Leto kicks off our dance party lesson, showing that you can get your groove on just about anywhere -- including an elevator. His robotic moves are not that difficult, just move along to the beat and groove away, regardless of your surroundings.

Who should have the best rhythm in the band? The drummer, of course. So we bring you Disturbed's Mike Wengren feeling the groove backstage and showing that you can even find the beat if something heavier comes on the playlist. Watch and learn.

And hey, you don't want to be the only one on the dancefloor. Get your friends involved as Godsmack often do in their backstage dance parties. Sully Erna, Shannon Larkin, Robbie Merrill and even a guest dog get in on the fun. No matter what the song is, it's always more fun with friends involved.

Finally, just remember, this is all in fun. Don't take yourself too seriously and just go with it. In this clip from Stone Sour's Christian Martucci, he captures Corey Taylor embracing the silliness of ABC's '80s classic "The Look of Love" and owning it. And hey, if you find a prop to work into your routine, all the better.

We hope this little dance tutorial helps you prepare for your office Christmas party. Happy holidays and let us know in the comments which rocker you think has the best dance moves.

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