Grab hold of something. 36 Crazyfists are ready to take you for one hard-hitting ride with their new song "Death Eater," exclusively premiering here at Loudwire. The song comes from their upcoming album Lanterns, due Sept. 29, and can be heard in the player at the bottom of this page.

36 Crazyfists drop the listener right into the melee with driving guitars delivering a gut punch from the first note. A sole guttural vocal from Brock Lindow breaks it it up briefly until Kyle Baltus' double-kick mastery sends the song off to the races. Once Lindow's vocal does come in, he alternates between more melodic verses with the occasional primal belting, helping to give context to the darkly chaotic track.

About releasing "Death Eater" into the wild, singer Brock Lindow told Loudwire, "It’s a reflection of self and the dwellings of rock bottom, discovering the tools to dig yourself out, and refusing to let yourself free fall into the abyss of hopelessness. Love, forgive, and never give in. In fact, Lanterns really is about the fight within us all — that within us that forever refuses to sink.”

As stated, you can find "Death Eater" on 36 Crazyfists' forthcoming release, Lanterns, which is due Sept. 29 via Spinefarm Records. Pre-order information for the album will be revealed soon.

And you can find the band pummeling audiences across the country beginning Aug. 18 in San Jose, Calif. The group has just over a month's worth of dates scheduled, wrapping the run on Sept. 21 in Dallas. See all their scheduled stops here.

36 Crazyfists, "Death Eater"