After releasing their new single 'Dog on a Leash,' Adelitas Way are ready to let the video for the track off its chain. The band is teaming with Loudwire to bring you the exclusive premiere of their 'Dog on a Leash' video (watch above).

The clip finds Adelitas Way performing in a remote deserted area near a lake, when a mysterious woman appears from the depths. Frontman Rick DeJesus and the band perform the track with unbridled energy until DeJesus himself is ensnared by her beauty as she literally yanks his chain.

Frontman Rick DeJesus told 'Loudwire Nights' host Full Metal Jackie at Welcome to Rockville over the weekend, "We're on. We're back and we're coming to take our spot on the throne, man."

In a separate interview with Full Metal Jackie, DeJesus also addressed his vision for the band's upcoming album, stating, "We wanted to really capture what our live shows bring. We have a very electric live show and we wanted to capture some of that vibe and put it in the album so we recorded everything as real as possible from a very live standpoint we wanted to get that view and that energy in that album and we didn’t want to over produce it. We wanted to play the instruments, hear the tones, and the vocals and that was our approach for the record and I really think that as far as writing the material I truly believe that I’m meant to do this."

Welcome to Rockville is just the start of a heavy tour schedule for Adelitas Way. The band currently has shows booked into August. Check out their current itinerary at this location, and stay tuned for details on the band's upcoming album. In the meantime, you can purchase the 'Dog on a Leash' single at iTunes.

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