Adelitas Way's new album Getaway arrives in stores and online tomorrow (Feb. 26), but the band is teaming up with Loudwire to give you an early taste of their disc with this exclusive album stream.

Loudwire's readers recently voted Adelitas Way's Getaway as the February Album of the Month and they've been rewarded with one of the band's best efforts to date. Fans are likely already familiar with the 2015 radio single "I Get Around." Meanwhile, the track "Bad Reputation" is currently rising up the charts, as well.

Speaking about "Bad Reputation," frontman Rick DeJesus stated, "I’ve always lived my life just being who I am, and really in the past few years in rock I’ve built a bit of a reputation for being myself. On tour I like to drink a little wine, smoke a little pot. Music is fun, and too many in the business take it far too seriously at times. I also don’t like to see people in the business constantly jumping off the rock bandwagon; I’ve heard heavy rock stations starting to play Bastille songs, so I spoke my mind. People say I’m uncontrollable, instead of taking accountability for what they are doing to help kill rock ‘n’ roll. Even live shows were filled with more rules from the venues down to the bands we toured with. It was bulls–t, and I hated what I was seeing happening to what was once the most rebellious group of humans I had ever seen. I have a bad reputation for not giving a f–k, always enjoying myself, and always being a advocate for rock ‘n’ roll till the end. I wrote the song because that’s who I am and how I feel.”

If you dig those two songs, there's more where that came from, as tracks like the propulsive rocker "Get Away," the redemptive mid-tempo cut "The Good Die Young" and the driven cut "Low" all seem tailor made for radio success. Meanwhile, the latter portion of the album finds the band expanding the musical palette a bit with standout cuts like the soulful "Filthy Heart," the shifty and aggressive "Sometimes You're Meant to Get Used" and the somber "Shame."

Adelitas Way's Getaway was produced by Johnny K. and will be available to all tomorrow (Feb. 26). You can get your copies via Amazon and iTunes. And look for Adelitas Way on tour at these stops.

Adelitas Way, Getaway Album Stream