Earlier this month, Adelitas Way teased that they had a new single, EP and album coming in 2015. Now, the band has launched a PledgeMusic campaign to fund the next disc and to reach places around the world they've yet to infiltrate.

A post on the pledge campaign site reads, "We are in the jam room preparing to write, record and release our fourth studio album! This album will be not marketed by dinosaur corporate suites, but by a team that we are putting together that will finally see us taking our music global! In our eight years at a major label, we NEVER had our music released worldwide! We want to change this and want YOU to be a MASSIVE part of helping us spring our music across the world!"

The band says they don't have a firm delivery date as of yet for the disc, but they are shooting for a summer release. In the interim, the band is offering a new 5-song digital EP that will be included with every pledge item being offered. One of the previously unheard tracks will be made available immediately, with the other songs on the EP arriving March 17. In addition, the band says that either two or three of the songs will appear on their upcoming full-length, so the EP can be viewed as a preview of what's to come.

Some of the incentives in the pledge campaign include autographed CDs, exclusive merchandise, a day of go-kart racing with the band, a day golfing with Rick DeJesus and other Adelitas Way band members, a Skype acoustic performance and an acoustic house concert. See all of the items at the PledgeMusic site here.

DeJesus concludes, "Our first dollar has been donated by my mom, Jill DeJesus. We all know our moms ALWAYS have our backs! So, we can say this album project is ready to roll thanks to her! Thanks Mom! : )"