With a name like Adrenaline Mob, you can bet there's going to be plenty of full throttle action generated when the band members are involved. And right on cue, the group's members speed out to the desert on a supped up motorcycle and old school muscle car for a performance while the opening notes of their song 'Indifferent' begin.

The video for the latest single from 'Omerta' has found its way online, and it's both performance and conceptual in nature. While the performance part features the group laying down some hard-hitting licks as a desert storm rolls in, the conceptual portion centers solely on singer Russell Allen and an impending attack.

Allen finds himself alone in a darkened room when he's attacked from behind by an unknown assailant. Meanwhile, Mike Orlando's guitar solo from 'Indifferent' packs almost as powerful a punch soundtracking the ensuing free-for-all onscreen. Who's the man wreaking havoc on Allen? You'll have to check out the rather cool reveal for yourself.

Adrenaline Mob have been delivering pretty impressive performances in support of their 'Omerta' disc, including their album release party in New York back in March. The band begin a tour with Kill Devil Hill tonight (May 10).

Watch Adrenaline Mob's 'Indifferent' Video