American blackened progressive metal titans Agalloch have just unleashed the first track off their upcoming fifth full-length, 'The Serpent & The Sphere.' The acclaimed metal act has released some brilliant material in the past, and if 'Celestial Effigy' is any indication of what to expect from Agalloch's next album, we've got a fantastic collection of tunes coming our way.

Agalloch have been receiving constant critical praise and underground acclaim since revealing their debut album, 'Pale Folklore,' in 1999. Since, Agalloch have kept the quality high, releasing modern classics such as 'The Mantle' in 2002, 'Ashes Against the Grain' in 2006 and 'Marrow of the Spirit' in 2010 -- not to mention a vast array of demos, EPs and splits.

If you've never delved into the music of Agalloch before, now is the perfect time to start. The brand new track 'Celestial Energy' is pure Agalloch, harnessing a captivating, yet slightly bleak style while frontman John Haughm haunts the tune with his harsh whispers.

A full four years since Agalloch's last LP, fans are sure to find themselves drooling over 'Celestial Effigy,' while new listeners become indoctrinated to the band's unique sound.

Listen to 'Celestial Effigy' below and get ready for Agalloch to unleash 'The Serpent & The Sphere' album on May 13!

Agalloch, 'Celestial Effigy'

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