While there has been much attention paid to the new albums of Megadeth and Anthrax, but quietly behind the scenes the bassists of both bands have been working on finishing off their second Altitudes & Attitude release. David Ellefson and Frank Bello previously paired up on the self-titled Altitudes & Attitude EP back in January 2014, but are in the process of polishing off a full-length disc.

In an interview with the White Line Fever podcast, Ellefson stated, "Frank and I have been in the studio a lot these past six months working on finishing a full-length for the next release … We are literally finalizing, probably, in the next two weeks -- getting the final vocals and final bits done on it. So I'm excited about it. There are some great tunes."

The bassist added, "Me and Frank have this whole other side of us and this other spirit soars when the two of us get together and get in a room and start writing songs together. It's like, we write 'em right there in the studio. They just fall off our guitar necks. And it's a beautiful thing."

Ellefson is plenty busy these days, not only finishing up Altitudes & Attitude, but also working toward the next Megadeth release and preparing for the first album from all-star collective Metal Allegiance. The latter band started out playing metal covers at special events, but recently signed a record deal to release an album of original songs.

Take a listen to Ellefson on the White Line Fever podcast below.

David Ellefson Talks to the White Line Podcast

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