A total of 12 further women have come forward with allegations of sexual assault against the musician Justin Sane (real name Justin Geever), the founding lead singer of Anti-Flag, the longtime political punk band who suddenly broke up in July after an initial sexual assault accusation pointing toward the singer and guitarist had emerged.

Now, as uncovered by Rolling Stone in a detailed expose from Tuesday (Sept. 5), the additional accusers' allegations purport predatory behavior, sexual assault and statutory rape at the hands of Justin Sane — including accusations of sexual relations with a 12-year-old when the singer was a teenager — that stretch back to the 1990s.

Justin Sane, now 50, did not reply to Rolling Stone for comment this week. However, the other Anti-Flag members did offer a statement. In July, Justin Sane denied what he called "categorically false" claims of sexual assault against him.

Read the full, disturbing Rolling Stone report here.

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The allegations against the Anti-Flag lead singer betray the left-leaning, ally persona of Justin Sane and the band. "He was a wolf in sheep's clothing," says an accuser named Jenn, who met the singer as a 16-year-old in 1997. "He came across as super supportive. He was like, 'Yeah, we need more girls in punk rock,' and 'Get out there!' He played the part of lifting women up. But at the same time, he was holding them down, literally."

Justin Sane Accusations

The initial accuser, Kristina Sarhadi, implicated Justin Sane on the July 19 episode of the podcast enough., saying she was raped by a musician fitting his description without identifying him or the band specifically. But she confirmed to Rolling Stone that she is accusing the Anti-Flag singer.

Justin Sane, Anti-Flag
Justin Sane (Daniel Boczarski, Getty Images)

Taking together, all the women's accusations describe alleged abuse and manipulation that they say included violent and non-consensual acts. In a purported pattern, Justin Sane would allegedly make eye contact with each woman at an Anti-Flag show and then approach them after performing, as Stereogum outlined. Seven of the women were teenagers at the time of their alleged encounters.

"It was the most terrifying thing I've ever experienced," Sarhadi claimed of her alleged encounter on the podcast. "I can't stress how violent he was, and how much I fully believed I was going to die — that he was going to kill me."

But Saradahi initially didn't know there were other accusers. "I had no idea it happened to anyone else," she tells Rolling Stone. "I felt stupid, embarrassed and confused. Because how could it have happened with this person? He is the anti-rape singer. They are the outspoken feminist band [that] released an album benefiting women victims of crime. It doesn't make any sense. [But] even in nature, the worst predators have the best camouflage."

Anti-Flag's Response

Some accusers claimed the band were complicit in the alleged abuse. In a statement to Rolling Stone, Anti-Flag's other members, not including Justin Sane, replied, "We trusted everyone associated with the band to maintain a safe and respectful environment. The understanding that abusers can be anywhere further reinforces the importance of survivors speaking out and sharing their stories. Further, we feel strongly that all predators must atone for their inappropriate actions and be held accountable."

In July, Justin Sane said, "These stories are categorically false. I have never engaged in a sexual relationship that was not consensual, nor have I ever been approached by a woman after a sexual encounter and been told I had in any way acted without her consent or violated her in any way."

Accusers Refute Justin Sane Statement

However, two accusers claim his insistence he was never told his behavior was problematic is a lie.

One of the accusers, a French college student named Mat, said she sent Justin Sane a message after hearing Sarhadi on the podcast, outlining how she felt used by his behavior and how it made her question her self worth. She said he did not respond. His statement appeared two days later.

Another accuser, Karina, claims she confronted the Anti-Flag singer about his behavior in 1999. At the time, Karina said, he "demonstrated sympathy" and made it "seem like he wanted to do better."

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual assault, help is available. Please visit RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) online or call 1-800-656-HOPE (800-656-4673).

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