Aranda are ramping up to their third album, Not the Same, and the group is giving fans an exclusive glimpse inside the studio as they ready their new disc.

The video above features brothers Dameon and Gabe Aranda, as they open up about the creation of their new disc. Dameon states in the video above, "It sounds more like a cohesive band. A lot of the things we're going on this album influentially kind of go back to our roots a little bit. There's hints of even the Rolling Stones and Tom Petty and those older awesome groups that we love and we've never been able to showcase that. I think it has a lot to do with the group of people we're around too." The brothers also discuss the challenges of being siblings in a band together and how they've learned to work through the drama over the years.

In the clip above, you'll hear a bit of the song "Don't Wake Me" playing in the background. The group recently debuted the song and it's currently available for purchase at iTunes.

As for the Not the Same album, the band is eyeing a June 30 street date. They currently have a PledgeMusic pre-order page where you can put your order in for the disc with a variety of bonus incentives as well. Check it out here.

Look for Aranda hitting the road next month. Dates supporting the Not the Same album can be found here.