Aranda are getting ready to make a return to the music scene with their new album Not the Same. The band has already debuted the track "Don't Wake Me" from the disc and they're just beginning the promotional cycle for the album. That included a chat with Loudwire Nights host Full Metal Jackie, who spoke with Gabe Aranda (at right in the photo above) about the band's upcoming disc, their influences and the benefits of being in a band with his brother. Check out the chat below:

It's been a few years since the last album. What's been the biggest single change you've experienced, either musically or personally, that has directly affected Not the Same?

Well, I think just as you said, time you know. I think getting older, moving through life and going through different experiences shapes kind of how you are as an artist. Because we tend to kind of regurgitate in some type of artistic way the things that we've gone through, and being that me and my brother both write for the band. It's like we both have different experiences and so we come together with those almost like, sometimes you have a third person there writing with you. Because we can write from each other's perspectives and things like that. So it's not necessarily things that I've actually been through myself, but I can draw off of what he's telling me too, when we're writing together so that's always fun.

Not the Same references bands that might have been a little bit out of Aranda's comfort zones in the past like The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty. What made them more accessible to you now?

Well I think we always loved those artists, but it never really felt like they were in our wheelhouse stylistically. I think working with Kato, our producer; I think that was really something he brought to the table. Because those were big influences for him, and so when he kind of came into the mix, you know, a lot of the riffs started leaning towards some of those a little simpler Petty memorable riffs and things like that and so that was really how it initially got brought up, and so we just kind of ran with it, and really fell in love with adding that stuff into what we already did.

Gabe, in what ways does Not the Same define Aranda better than the other albums?

Well, I think Dameon [Aranda] and I both feel like we love rock 'n' roll. I mean we both love to rock, but we also love to -- you know, one of my greatest influences as a singer was like Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway and like R&B singers, that kind of in no way reflect the type of the music thus far that we've done. So I think on this album we kind of got a little more eclectic and went back a little bit to our roots and decided we want to rock, but we also want to branch out and take our fans on a journey more or less of where we came from and who we really are, you know, as musicians and singers, and kind of do it fearlessly this time.

There's an old saying about the pitfalls about going into business with your family. What's the advantage of being in a band with your brother?

I think that synergy, especially onstage. Technically, it's like when the band makes a mistake, or you have to do something on the fly. It's seamless because we really know each other that well to where we can cover up each other when we make mistakes to where our audience very rarely notices, so that's definitely a plus.

Your music has affiliations with the WWE and lately it seems to be energizing Tampa Bay Lightning fans, too. Why is there a kinship between Aranda and sports?

I don't know how that happened. You know, I mean I think, I can tell you this, we're huge sports fans; NBA, NFL ... probably typically sports guys. And so I don't know how that works, but I think just the music that we make is energetic, you know, and we tend to write about those kinds of themes, you know, us against the world, and themes that translate into sports well. And so I think, you know, those sports organizations have picked up on that, and have approached us several times about doing, having songs represent their teams, or their events. So it's been really cool for us, because like I said we're huge sports fans.

Thanks to Aranda for the interview. Not the Same arrives June 30 and you can check out their PledgeMusic pre-order here. And be sure to catch them on the road at these locations. Tune in to Loudwire Nights With Full Metal Jackie and Tony LaBrie Monday through Friday 7PM through midnight online or on the radio. To see which stations and websites air ‘Loudwire Nights,’ click here.