Loudwire Nights

'Loudwire Nights' is a syndicated rock radio show that airs Monday through Friday 7PM to midnight on more than 20 stations across America. In addition to playing the best music in hard rock, the show features interviews with the top artists in the industry, the latest rock news and highlights from Loudwire.com.


Hear ‘Loudwire Nights’ on: KKNN (Grand Junction) | WGBF (Evansville)WGRD (Grand Rapids) | KLAQ (El Paso) | KRNK (Casper) | WWBN (Flint)KXRX (Columbia Basin) | KBAZ (Missoula) | KBZS (Wichita Falls) | KATS (Yakima) | KZCD (Lawton) | KEYJ (Abilene) | KFMX (Lubbock) | KROG (Medford) |KUBQ (Portland) | WFRD (Hanover) | KDCZ (St. Charles) | KNRX (San Angelo) | WPRY (Perry) | WTCX (Green Bay) | KGRR (Cedar Rapids) | WNGZ (Elmira) | KBRE (Fresno, CA) | KTPO (Spokane, WA) | WWBD (Columbia, SC) | KFCW (Riverton, WY) | WOBR (Nags Head, NC)  | WVLZ (Knoxville, TN)

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