Music and film are two of the best art forms for telling a story and those worlds come together thanks to Art of Dying and the Urban Street Angels organization. The band teamed up with the volunteer-driven non-profit outfit to lend their song "Everything" to soundtrack a new documentary short titled All I Want Is Everything: Combatting Youth Homelessness With Urban Street Angels.

As can be seen in the short, three homeless youths let the cameras roll to give viewers a look at their average days while staying in the San Diego area. And while San Diego may be one of the more picturesque cities in the country, there are also many dangers to living on the streets. As seen in the video, numerous statistics reveal the issues that come with being homeless from violence to drug use to the emotional scars of being the sole person you can depend upon.

As part of this shoot, the Urban Street Angels provided the three youths with cameras and taught them how to shoot and use the footage. One of the youths has found work since creating content for others while the other two are continuing to shoot footage for a project on traveling homeless youths.

The company states, “The mission of Urban Street Angels is to provide sustainable solutions that help end youth homelessness in Southern California and beyond. Our weekly outreach in the community and our startup venture 8 West align all of our efforts toward that singular goal. So the opportunity to work with talented filmmakers and media partners in the production of this video made abundant sense for us. We look forward to seeing this collaboration successfully promote awareness of the realities on the street, along with the specialized, novel approach we're developing to tackle the challenges of homelessness.”

As for Art of Dying, vocalist Jonny Hetherington adds, "We're honored that Urban Street Angels is using our song as the soundtrack to their mini doc on youth homelessness. The very name of our band 'Art of Dying' comes from the longer sentence: The Art of Dying is my life to live. We recognize that our time here is precious and that we're all in this together, whether we're people living with homelessness or not. We are all people. We're glad to bring awareness to an important issue and we support the idea of giving anyone who's wiling to accept it, a hand up."

Art of Dying just released their third studio album, Rise Up. The disc is available via iTunes.