Art of Dying have been working on a new album and we're teaming up with the group to bring you the exclusive premiere of their video for "Torn Down," a track that was recently featured on their Nevermore EP.

The song itself has an ebb-and-flow vibe in the verses, with a more call-and-response chorus, while the video itself is primarily a performance piece.

Singer Jonny Hetherington tells us, "'Torn Down' was inspired by the story of a teenage girl, Amanda Todd, who lived near me in Vancouver. She was targeted by a sexual predator on line and eventually committed suicide. It's a very sad story that she told personally through a self-made YouTube video. Her story affected the community deeply and it hit me hard when I discovered it. I hope the lyrics in 'Torn Down' will help others who are going through what seem like hopeless struggles see a light at the end of the tunnel."

He adds, "We shot the video on our 2016 Nevermore Tour with director Davo Paul, who travelled with us and captured Art of Dying’s life on and off the stage. Thank You to Count's Vamp'd and all the fans in Las Vegas!”

As stated, Art of Dying are in the process of recording a new album and they've launched PledgeMusic pre-order where you can make sure you'll eventually get your hands on the disc, plus receive updates and donate extra to receive some special incentives. Check out the PledgeMusic pre-order campaign here and look for more from the band in 2017. Stay up to date with all their happenings at their website, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.